PLEASE ENJOY & SHARE NSMN's 15th ANNIVERSARY EVENT VIDEO. Although this video is a few years old now, we share it here because of the terrific testimonials given by sports league commissioners and sports business executives. Thank you. Enjoy!

The NSMN is also an incredible venue for networking among professionals. Jennifer Karpf fosters an atmosphere of establishing, fostering and building relationships that is invaluable to both seasoned professionals and people just starting their careers. Jennifer takes every opportunity she can to ask how she can assist in brokering an introduction among interested NSMN members. This type of involvement on Jennifer's part is incredibly helpful to members whether they are searching for a job, looking for business development contacts or are merely trying to make new acquaintances within the industry. Her list of accomplishments is too long to fit within the confine of this nomination, but Jennifer Karpf is clearly a woman whose contributions to the sports industry should be acknowledged and applauded.
-- Tim McGhee, Senior Vice President, IMG Consulting

Our field trip yesterday to Wasserman Media Group was simply fantastic and I hope it will lead to a continued educational partnership with the agency.  I can't thank you enough for making this Member-to-Member introduction!    I want you to know that your organization in this short time has proven itself as a valuable asset in a way unlike many others I have joined as an academic or consultant. Thank you!
-- Dr. Jack B. Samuels, M.B.A., Senior Professor and Internship Coordinator, Dept. of Marketing, Sports, Events and Tourism Marketing Program, Montclair State University, New Jersey

During the past four years while I transitioned from a 25+ year career at the NBA in NYC and all points (globally) to a sports, entertainment and communications entrepreneur based in Boston, the National Sports Marketing Network has been a constant source of information, increased introductions & networking and, quite frankly, a source of comfort during these uncertain and difficult financial times. Here's to 15 years in the books and 15+ many more in the future!
-- Terry Lyons, Co-Founder, MediaForward.tv / TerryLyons.com

NSMN is synonymous with its founder, Jennifer Karpf. Jen is a tireless advocate of sports marketing - not only promoting the ROI that a well-planned, well-supported sponsorship will provide (particularly in college sports!) but also the many usually-overlooked positive stories in sports of courage, dedication, perseverance and generosity. Jen knows anyone who's met everyone and she isn't bashful about connecting those sharing common interests and opportunities. You can imagine as a kid she was good and fast at assembling giant, intricate jigsaw puzzles. Years later, all of us in sports marketing appreciate her continuing to efficiently put the pieces together.
-- Andrew Giangola, Vice President, Strategic Communications, IMG College

I have been fortunate enough to be part of the sports marketing industry for quite some time, and I have never met anyone more devoted and passionate in helping people foster relationships and building their professional network as Jennifer. Her tireless work on behalf of the sports industry often goes under appreciated, and it's a testament to her that people are using the occasion of the National Sports Marketing Network's 15th anniversary to take the time to recognize her effort and achievements. Here's wishing you good luck for the next 15 years and beyond!
-- Tim McGhee, Principal, MSP Sports

Kudos! What Jennifer has accomplished in 15 years is phenomenal. She filled a genuine void in our industry, not only in NY; but now on a national level. NSMN been a terrific networking environment as well as a learnings exchange. Thanks, Jen, for founding NSMN and wishing you much continued success in the next 15 years!
-- Scott Lange, Vice President, Media + Marketing, Active Network

NSMN, under Jennifer Karpf's leadership, has become the networking spoke which industry events revolve around. It is the organization that has helped forge business and personal relationships for thousands and has been a key part of the growth of the sports marketing and branding business in the United States.
-- Joe Favorito, Sports, entertainment marketing and communications consultant

I wanted to send a quick note and say thank you for a great event this morning. The networking was top-notch and the panel discussion was excellent. Thank you!
-- Chris Insolera, Corporate Sales and Sponsorships, New York Yankees

Thanks for the opportunity to nominate Jennifer Karpf for the SportsBusiness Journal Game Changers: Women in Sports Business feature. From my 30 year perspective in the industry, this is simple: No one touches more people and advocates more dynamically for our industry than Jennifer. And from that perspective she has not only been a GAME CHANGER, but a true pioneer in the industry. It's been nearly 15 years since Jen began her crusade to create a trade association designed to elevate our industry in tried/true AND innovative manners. And since that first year, she has amassed the vital National Sports Marketing Network to include over 10,000 people and across nearly a dozen market chapters.

And while she can brag about this mass reach, for Jen it's all about helping people and being a curator of our industry. In the past few months alone, I've seen her personally help young people struggling to find work network into new and exciting job opportunities; I've seen her passionately pursue the NSMN's Sports Tackles Cancer so our industry can stand for something worthwhile and help with such a noble research cause; I've seen her create additional market chapters so more people could benefit from the content she develops in the form of networking meetings and highly informational and intellectually stimulating panel discussions; I've seen her be an extremely articulate industry spokesperson on CNN and elsewhere; I've seen her steer other industry executives into media opportunities good for our business and good for those people; and I've seen her use all the different channels she has created at NSMN to do one thing: Better the lives of people and better the industry. And that's just in the last few months.

For Jennifer, this had been a 24/7 passion, 365 days per year. I often say there are five Jen Karpf's because her incredible enthusiasm, passion and work ethic has produced the output at multiples beyond what any other average person can produce. There is no person in our industry -- MALE OR FEMALE -- more dedicated to its betterment. And there is no one in our business so passionate to help individuals and the collective industry. And finally, there is no one in the industry who influences so many league, agency and brand personnel on a daily basis.

-- Mike Reisman, Principal, Team Epic

It is with a great sense of pride that I would like to nominate Jennifer Karpf as a "game changer" in the sports business industry for the upcoming issues of SportsBusiness Journal.. As you may know, over 13 years ago Jennifer had the vision to recognize that the sports marketing industry needed an advocate and an industry voice. Correspondingly, she founded the National Sports Marketing Network (NSMN) in 1998. At the time, this network provided a forum for sharing ideas and discussing key issues in the sports marketing industry. Today, the NSMN functions as the sport industry's "trade" organization.

Under Jennifer's leadership and curation, NSMN's membership has blossomed to nearly 10,000 executives spanning all disciplines within the sports marketing industry. It is a unique organization that has local chapters and is governed by a Board. Today, the NSMN is the voice for the sports marketing community, continues to host timely industry panel discussions, and enables its members to network informally. Beyond the business side of sports, Jennifer has positioned the NSMN as a purposeful organization. Specifically, NSMN owns and runs an industry-wide national charity named Sports Tackles Cancer (www.sportstacklescancer.com). This charity has helped raise awareness and funds and stands out as a testimony to Jennifer's leadership and passion to effect change. In addition to Sports Tackles Cancer, Jennifer is active in the community in several ways, including serving on the UJA-Federation Board as well as the Board of Directors for the ALS Association. In summary, Jennifer is a strong advocate for the sports marketing business. Most importantly, she has been able to advance the industry while at the same time contributing to the community. She is an excellent networker and influencer who connects people, issues and causes in a way that moves the sports marketing industry forward.
-- Ralph Santana, CMO, Samsung America

I have known Jennifer for more than 15 years. She approached me then at age 25 with her idea for a networking forum for sports professionals and industry leaders and I not only recognized it as an idea that filled a need in the market place -- but that she was the person with the drive and passion to make it happen. Starting in the days before LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Jennifer's National Sports Marketing Network (NSMN) has grown to become the exclusive trade organization for the sports business industry in the United States. NSMN remains the first and only trade association in the industry's history that is governed by the newsmakers and decision-makers of the sports business industry. Through her drive and determination, Jennifer has helped bring together all aspects of the industry with a communication and networking platform while at the same time providing a valuable service to everyone in the business interested in meeting likeminded people and top executives in the field.
-- Doug Pirnie, Doug Pirnie Sports Marketing and Consulting, Member since 1998

Jennifer Karpf and the NSMN deliver at every turn! Family Reach Foundation is honored to be a part of the NSMN's Sports Tackles Cancer program. We have found tremendous value in the countless introductions NSMN has made for us in various cities across the country. This association truly cares about their fellow members and about the community in which they live, work and do business. Jennifer Karpf has built a very powerful network of compassionate, cause marketing minded professionals. You are making a profound impact on countless people's lives! Thank you.
-- Carla Tardif, Executive Director, Family Reach Foundation

Jennifer, Thank you for the invitation to the opening event of the brand-new North Texas Chapter (January 2011) at American Airlines Center. The first event of the new chapter went off without a hitch. It was a great collection of important people in the sports industry and I am truly glad that I joined NSMN. Good luck with continued success and growth. If I can be of assistance for a meeting here in Fort Worth, please let me know what I can do!
-- Dave O'Lenick, CMP, CHME, CTA, National Sales Manager Sports/SMERF, Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau

Congratulations to Jennifer Karpf and the NSMN NYC Chapter on another outstanding program on social media!! NSMN continues to provide valuable networking and educational opportunities from the industry's headliners. I schedule travel from Indianapolis to be in attendance at NSMN events in Chicago and New York City... where else can you hear Tony Pace discuss Subway's social media strategy at 8:00 a.m.!!
-- David B. Morton, President, Sunrise Sports Group, LLC

As a recent attendee of the NSMN Social Media panel discussion held in New York City , I found it to be an intimate opportunity to meet with the leaders of sports business. The members I met were engaging and relevant to my interests. The distinguished panel provided valuable insights in comparative sport industries. Looking forward to future events!! Thank you Jennifer for inviting me!!
-- Alan Chokov, CEO/President, Kids2ProSports.com

Just wanted to say congratulations on a great event today! As this was my first NSMN event, I was blown away by the attendance, the speakers & content, and the great things that everyone I spoke with had to say about the organization. Thanks again for encouraging our agency to get involved!
-- Ashley Graf, Account Executive, Group M – Entertainment & Sports Partnerships (ESP)

Jennifer Karpf has been a pioneer in the sports marketing industry. The NSMN boasts an unrivaled group of the country's top sports marketing experts, but what separates the NSMN is the organization's ability to produce truly engaging and relevant events. Jen's awareness of the marketplace and capability of adjusting to the needs of her members ensures that we hear from the right people about the right topics at the right time -- all the time.
-- Mike Polisky, President, Chicago Wolves

A great philosopher once said; “If your ship doesn’t come in swim out to it.” Jennifer Karpf’s proactive professional leadership has assured NSMN chapters throughout country that their members are in the lead in connecting the dots in an ever changing sports business landscape.
-- Andy Dolich, Chief Operating Officer, San Francisco 49ers

In the relatively short period of time I have worked with Jennifer Karpf and the National Sports Marketing Network, I have found her to be passionate, driven and relentless. What Jennifer wants is for the people in the sports marketing world to have a place to learn, grow and give back to others. I have had the privilege of being on the front end of NSMN's fight against cancer. Jennifer developed Sports Tackles Cancer out of a true desire to give back. Many times people, with the best intentions, will have an idea, put it forward and let others run with it as they see fit. Jennifer has pushed Sports Tackles Cancer with her Board to get the most out of the program. The cause is clearly very important to her and she sees opportunities where others may not. Sports Tackles Cancer has opened doors that would otherwise not have been available or pursued. Jennifer's Boston Chapter Board has been gracious and open to opportunities - acting in a consultative manner, sharing contacts and starting fundraising efforts.
-- Director, American Cancer Society

Jennifer Karpf had amazing insight 11 years ago when she created a sports marketing network for an industry that had nothing like it. She has done an incredible job realizing her vision of a comprehensive national network of sports marketers not only bringing all of us together to network, but in addition, she has created a platform where we can all learn from each other and express our opinions on the industry. I have been fortunate enough to be a board member and have participated in panel discussions about a broad array of topics. The key for me as been broadening my network on a national basis and being part of a leading organization in this unique and fast moving industry. Despite the structured well run organization, Jennifer has always enabled the group to be flexible enough to cover the most timely topics (the economy, scandal, etc). This is exciting to those of us who have been in this field for quite some time. The leadership teams in each of the market are of the highest quality. The Boards across the country are able to get the most senior leaders in the industry to participate and speak on panels. The history of the success has enabled this to happen and will only continue.
-- Jeannie Goldstein, President, Chicago Sports & Entertainment Partners

Throughout my career I have come to know NSMN as a tremendous asset to an industry and a marketplace that is forever changing.  It is a asset for professionals on every level, from the graying Senior executives like myself to the enthusiastic creative newcomers who represent the next generation of sports marketing.  NSMN provides a platform and an interface of ideas, concepts and content, but most of all it allows all of us to network with fellow members at every level so we all can learn from each other thus improving the industry in which we serve.   I’ve lead many NSMN discussions on the Olympics and I find the sessions to be well-attended, educational and important to senior executives in sports business.
-- Robert Prazmark, President, 21 Marketing

Jennifer Karpf is not only a visionary leader but she enthusiastically and sincerely cares about the sports marketing industry.  NSMN inspires us to learn more, to create brand awareness, to foster goodwill, and to reaffirm our commitment as responsible corporate citizens in the business world. Jennifer's energy and professional desire to unite and assist others in this quest is both respected and most appreciated.
-- Sally S. Johnson, Executive Director, National Council of Youth Sports  

I got some great news...I got the job! I am now part of the Golden State Warriors ticket sales team. I wanted to thank you for having me at your event back in May, which allowed me to get in touch with some great sources. Also, thank you for all your tips on how to interview. I was able to take what you said and make it into my own style. I will stay in touch, and again, thank you very much for everything you have done for me Jennifer!
-- Justin, NSMN Member

On behalf of our entire panel, thank you for organizing and executing such a great event - it was truly first-class. As discussed, this is an important topic for all of us to consider and the group you assembled did a great job - seemingly enlightening each other and the audience as well. Thanks again and looking forward to your next NSMN event in Charlotte.
-- Greg, NSMN Member

I'm amazed at how you keep in touch with everyone, everything. Super woman...
-- Mike, NSMN Member

Jennifer is committed and passionate. She’s the force behind the organization.
-- Pam Hollander, Director of Sponsorships, Promotions and PR, Allstate Insurance Company

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